Two postdoctoral positions are available for 15 months on the research project ‘The Cultural Value of Coastlines: Assessing the Cultural Influences and Impacts of Ecosystem Change on the Irish Sea Coasts’. One postdoctoral fellowship is available for a humanities researcher, and the other for an environmental scientist.

The deadline for applications is March 7th, and the expected start date for the appointments is June 1st. Applicants for the Humanities position should have a PhD in a relevant Arts and Humanities discipline or disciplines. The position is intended for early stage researchers, either just after completion of a PhD or for someone entering a new area for the first time. If you are an external applicant whose total Postdoctoral experience, inclusive of the duration of the advertised post, would exceed 4 years, you should not apply.

The Cultural Value of Coastlines is a pilot project (Co-PIs: Professor John Brannigan and Professor Tasman Crowe) which brings together environmental humanities and environmental science researchers in a transdisciplinary team to investigate the role of culture (aesthetics, heritage, sense of place and identity) in determining human uses and values of the sea and coastlines, and the effects upon culture of changes to marine and coastal environments. The project focuses on three interrelated questions which require transdisciplinary research:

  • How do coastal and marine environments contribute cultural benefits to coastal communities?
  • How is the cultural value of coastal and marine environments dependent upon ecosystem functions and conditions, and what changes have happened and might happen to this relationship?
  • How can the cultural benefits of coastal and maritime environments be assessed effectively so as to contribute directly to marine spatial planning, cultural heritage management, and sustainability governance?

The research team will work closely with coastal communities around the Irish Sea to study the relationship between culture and ecology.

Full details of the post are available at: – search using the keywords ‘Cultural Value of Coastlines’.