The Deen De Bortoli Award was first awarded in 2015. Generously funded by the De Bortoli family, it is named in memory of Deen De Bortoli (1936-2003).

The purpose of the Award is to encourage historians writing Australian political, social, cultural and environmental history to approach their subjects in ways that use the past to inform contemporary concerns and issues.

The winning entry will demonstrate a sound, critical knowledge of the relevant historiography, a high level of competence in the use of primary sources, and the capacity to develop complex arguments linking the past to contemporary, contentious issues currently impacting on Australia.

For 2017 the subject for the Deen De Bortoli Award will be for works in applied and public history that have the potential to inform good public policy.

The winner will receive a citation and a prize of $5,000 awarded at the Annual History Lecture during History Week 2017.

Nominations close 28th April 2017. Click here for the nomination form and further information.

Image: airbus 777, Yarra Valley vines, c/o Flickr