UNSW in Sydney is hosting the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society Conference–International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography (AMOS–ICSHMO) from 5–9 February 2018. While AMOS has an annual conference, ICHSMO only takes place every three years, and is not always in Australia.

Some environmental historians and historical climatologists have organised a session on historical climatology in the Southern Hemisphere for the conference, and are hoping to attract both scientific and historical researchers, ideally to promote closer collaborations across the communities.

The full session description is below, and abstracts can be submitted at: https://www.amos-icshmo2018.com.au/. The abstract deadline is 31 August.

Session 3.16 Historical Climatology in the Southern Hemisphere

Linden Ashcroft, Joëlle Gergis, Stefan Grab, Ruth Morgan, David Nash

Historical instrumental and documentary records contain valuable weather and climate data, as well as detailed records of societal responses to past climatic conditions. This information offers valuable insights into current and future climate research and climate change adaptation strategies. While the use of historical climate information is a well-developed field in the Northern Hemisphere, a vast amount of untapped resources exist in the southern latitudes. Recovering this material has the potential to dramatically improve our understanding of Southern Hemisphere climate variability and change. In this session we welcome interdisciplinary submissions on the rescue, interpretation and analysis of historical weather, climate, societal and environmental information across the Southern Hemisphere. This can include:

  • Instrumental data rescue (land and ocean) projects and practices
  • Comparison of documentary, instrumental and palaeoclimate reconstructions
  • Historical studies of extreme events
  • Past social engagement with weather, climate and the natural environment
  • Development of long-term climate records and chronologies.

Image: The melancholy loss of H.M.S Sirius off Norfolk Island March 19th 1790 [picture], Geo. Raper, National Library of Australia PIC MSR 14/1/5 #PIC/3312/1