On behalf of the Climate History Network, Sam White (Ohio State University) is looking to organize additional sessions on climate history for the International Conference of Historical Geographers, to be held in Warsaw, 15-20 July 2018.  The Network successfully organized a number of similar panels for the ICHG in London in 2015.  The conference organizers in Warsaw have expressed interest in holding a series of non-overlapping sessions on climate and history.

Possible topics could include:

  • documentary and early instrumental climate reconstruction
  • histories of storms, floods, and extreme weather
  • past climate change impacts
  • climate and migration
  • climate, settlement patterns, and land use
  • historical perceptions and science of climate and geography

The Network also intends to arrange a climate history/historical climatology meeting at the ICHG to share ideas for events, publications, and participation at future conferences. If you might be interested in submitting a proposal or attending a climate history meeting, please contact Sam: [email protected]  He would be glad to help organize individual papers into sessions, too, so long as you can send him your ideas ahead of the submission deadline (28 October 2017).  He would also be grateful to know of anyone who has already planned or proposed a relevant session.

The ICHG call for proposals is at: http://ichg2018.uw.edu.pl/2017/05/16/109/

Image: Budapest, Überschwemmungsszene aus 1838, Kupferstich, um 1838