This interdisciplinary workshop Writing for Change aims to create a platform of exchange for historians, media and journalism scholars as well as practitioners to discuss historic as well as current trends, strategies, dilemmas (and solutions) in environmental reporting.

The organisers invite historical as well as current perspectives on the changing relationship between journalism and the creation of public environmental awareness. Papers could investigate, for instance, the careers of individual environmental journalists and science writers, the policies of environmental agenda setting, or environmental news forms, technology and outlets in their change over time.

The workshop is hosted by the Ludwig Maximilian University’s Center for Advanced Studies. Its excellent facilities and the exclusive setting will help create the perfect working atmosphere to think through some of these questions together.

Accommodation costs are covered and there will be a subsidy to travel costs.

For further information and to apply please see the original CFP at:

Image: Naquib Hossain via Flickr, CTG. Bhatiary Yard 01, CC BY-SA 2.0