A new issue of International Review of Environmental History (Vol 4, issue 2, 2018) is now available.

Introduction – James Beattie

Special Issue: Disasters fast and slow

Disasters fast and slow: The temporality of hazards in environmental history – Fiona Williamson and Chris Courtney
Uncertainty and the emotional landscape of drought – Rebecca Jones
Typhoons and droughts: Food shortages and famine in the Philippines since the seventeenth century – James F. Warren
Malaya’s greatest menace? Slow-onset disaster and the muddy politics of British Malaya, c. 1900–50 – Fiona Williamson
The tinderbox city: The industrialisation of fire disasters in Hankou, China, 1849–1944 – Chris Courtney
The slow, the quick and the dead: Environment, politics and temporality in the Henan famine, 1942–43 – Mark Baker

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