Public Lecture: Professor Alison Bashford, “World History and the Tasman Sea”

26th September 2018, 5.30-6.30pm, Aurora Lecture Theatre, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, UTAS Hobart.

Did Polynesians navigate to the Australian continent in pre-colonial eras?

The consensus is currently no. This lecture does not so much ask ‘why’ – though that interesting question is surprisingly rarely posed. Instead, this lecture explores the significance of the Tasman Sea for world history that is increasingly interested in deep temporal scales and ancient sea crossings.

Either side of the Tasman Sea, almost incommensurably different periodisations of human history unfolded. While the Aboriginal past is tens of thousands of years old, the human history of New Zealand/Aotearoa is very recent; the final westward journeys of the Polynesians took place c. 1200-1300CE.

This Tasman divide is one of the more extraordinary fault-lines of world history, an almost unique global region in which humans with entirely different histories were adjacent geographically. In the recent integration of Pacific history into world history, what is the place of the Tasman Sea?

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Image: ZweiZahnCC-BY-SA-4.0.