PhD Confirmation Seminar

“Saving the Last Continent: Environmentalists, Celebrities, and States in the Campaign for a World Park Antarctica, 1978-1991”, Emma Shortis

5:30pm, 01 November Room 553 Arts West, The University of Melbourne

Between 1978 and 1991, the global environmental movement achieved an unparalleled success: overturning a decision to introduce mining in Antarctica and instead securing a comprehensive environmental protection agreement for the entire continent. This study explains how and why such a tremendous shift in international environmental politics was achieved. It shows that a small group of environmental activists lobbied key political actors, engaged celebrity, and shaped public opinion. Those activists insisted that Antarctica was too fragile, too precious, and too important to open up to environmentally catastrophic mining. The indefinite mining ban and pre-emptive protection of the ‘last continent’ was largely the result of this decade-long campaign for a World Park Antarctica.

See flyer for full details: COMPLETION SEMINAR – Emma Shortis

Image licence: CC0 Creative Commons