CFP: 2019 “Green Stream” at the Australian Historical Association Conference

CFP: “Green Stream” at the Australian Historical Association conference 8-12 July 2019, University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, Queensland.

Global grassroots: Human connections in environmental history

Human communities have long worked together to care for and conserve the living systems around them. In the midst of a flourishing planetary consciousness, the rise of the new environment movements in Australia and beyond in the 1970s saw an intensification of local activity with a global orientation, while the dawning awareness of climate breakdown has focused attention on the entanglement of local action and global change. The Local Communities, Global Networks theme for the 2019 AHA Conference is an opportunity to newly examine how ties within local communities emerged before and since the 1970s in response to changing understandings and experiences of living in a more-than-human world. How have the tendrils and boles of shared human concerns taken shape? What kind of communities have coalesced around environmental concerns, and what networks have they developed and made use of? Where are environmental movements based and placed, intellectually and spatially? How have Indigenous communities responded to local and global environmental threats and environmentalist agendas? What of community resistance to environmental protection? What are the legacies of leaders of communities and networks devoted to understanding and protecting the environment? What can we learn from environmental campaigns and movements in the past to tackle contemporary problems? And what stories and networks might emerge if we acknowledge that historical communities are always more-than-human?

We invite proposals for presentations that address the conference theme and will also consider other research on environmental history as this conference stream is integral to our intellectual community. Individual papers and panels of three are welcome, as are proposals for roundtables and non-conventional, interactive sessions.

To ensure your abstract proposal is peer-reviewed for the Green Stream select the AANZEHN option during the online submission process.

Abstracts due 28 February 2019 

Please direct any questions to Dr Julie McIntyre ([email protected]) or Dr Margaret Cook ([email protected]).