The Rescue Project is Landcare Australia’s online storytelling site for anyone involved in saving, restoring and preserving habitat and native fauna.

It’s also a partnership with UNSW as part of PhD research into citizen storytelling and explores storytelling about small actions in the face of global warming – stories of hope, failure, and trying again. We ask if in telling these stories to one another, do we encourage others who are overwhelmed by the task at hand to see what’s possible, and can big things can grow from small?

If you have ever cleaned up or replanted a tract of bush, a riverbank, a beach, some farmland or have tended to a native creature, what is it that brings you to this work – and in some way does doing so restore or rescue you? In 2019 some of the contributed stories will be produced as a podcast, read aloud by their writers, and there will also be an audio documentary about a selected Landcare location and the people who tend to it.

So please consider contributing to the project, and sharing with your contacts.

– Gretchen Miller, PhD student, Environmental humanities, UNSW.

Image: Bat Baby by Vanessa Barrett