AHA Green Stream July 2019

Not long until AHA abstracts are due (28 February 2019). We have received extra guidelines from the organising committee to help in the submission process. For anyone submitting a session panel or roundtable, the process is the same as individual abstracts. Once you are in the ‘Submit Abstract’ page, select ‘Panel’ or ‘Roundtable discussion’ from the drop-down ‘Requested Presentation Type’. There is a space to type in the title of the panel/roundtable (12 words maximum). You need to download the AHA Abstract Template (for formatting) and use it to upload the proposal into the space provided. You should also be able to see ‘Add Co-author'(red button) for adding presenters. There is a word limit of 400 words to cover the overview abstract of session panels and roundtables, as well as individual abstracts to give readers a brief idea of their focus.

One person should submit on behalf of the panel/roundtable members with the overview abstract and abstracts (shortened), adding members’ names in the ‘Add Co-author’, in which individual bios can be placed as well. Apart from the submitter, photos can be added by individual members themselves when they create a profile to register (once the submission is accepted).

People could add ‘Chair’ in brackets after that speaker’s name.

The main advice is under ‘Other details’ on the ‘Submit Abstract’ page, they open ‘Other society stream’ to click on ANZEHN (not the themes above).

We hope this helps and we look forward to receiving your abstracts.

For more information and to submit an abstract see the AHA conference website.

Dr Margaret Cook and Dr Julie McIntyre,

Green Stream Convenors