Emeritus Professor Libby Robin (Australian National University) and Emeritus Professor Tom Griffiths (Australian National University) have jointly been awarded the ASEH 2019 Distinguished Career in Public Environmental History award. Emeritus Professor Robin was there to accept the award at The American Society for Environmental History Annual Congress in Columbus Ohio, in April 2019. The award was presented by ASEH President Professor Graeme Wynn.

Tom Griffiths and Libby Robin in the Blue Mountains, 2017. (Photo by Dolly Jørgensen).

The prize is awarded biennially at the discretion of the executive of the American Society for Environmental History. 

The ASEH Executive Committee gave the following citation:

“We discussed the career of several excellent candidates for this award. In the end we felt strongly that Libby Robin and Tom Griffiths should jointly be awarded this distinguished prize. They have – through their work in communities and museums, through engagement for ICEHO (the International Consortium of Environmental History Organizations), through the establishment of the AUS-NZ-Network in Environmental History, through regular workshops for doctoral students in Canberra over the last 20 years (to which ASEH members were invited as special guests), through their outreach activities and involvement with environmental artists and environmental NGOs – dedicated a quarter century (essentially their whole academic career) to public environmental history. They have been selfless, never self-promoting.”

Libby Robin receiving the ASEH Award for Distinguished Career in Public Environmental History (jointly awarded with Tom Griffiths), at the ASEH Annual Congress in Columbus Ohio, April 2019. (Photo by Ruth Morgan).

At the same time, John McNeill was given the Distinguished Scholar Award and Steve Pyne was given the Distinguished Service Award. Please see this link for the full list of Awards and further information on each.

John McNeill, Libby Robin, and Graeme Wynn
at the ASEH Annual Congress in Columbus Ohio, April 2019.

Feature image: Ilena G. Flickr. Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0