We would like to invite you to submit a paper proposal to the double session Transnational nuclear resources: mining, industrial uses and waste management, which has been accepted for the XIX World Economic History Congress (July 2021, Paris, France). We aim to discuss about the development of nuclear uses from an international historical perspective, giving particular emphasis to the following broad topics: 

1) The creation of the industrial and financial frameworks required for the development of civil nuclear programs (industrial, agricultural, health and biological uses, etc). 
2) The business history of the companies involved with nuclear programs or the development of individual nuclear projects. 
3) The economic aspects of the fuel cycle: mining, processing, enrichment, fabrication of fuel elements and disposal (in conjunction or individually taken). 
4) The impact of foreign nuclear agents (multinationals, governments, international organisations) on improving the industrial, organizational and technological capabilities of host economies. 
5) Business histories dealing with the impact of the atom in the military industry may also be proposed.

Please send your proposal as an abstract of 150 words max, together with a short cv (1 page) to the session organizers (CC all three of us). The deadline for submitting proposals is the 31st May 2020. Acceptance or rejection will be notified by the 30th June 2020. If selected, authors will be required to submit full papers by early 2021. The session abstract and a list of potential contributors can be found in attach.


Esther M. Sánchez Sánchez, Universidad de Salamanca, [email protected] 
M. del Mar Rubio-Varas, Universidad Pública de Navarra, [email protected] 
Joseba De la Torre, Universidad Pública de Navarra, [email protected]

See PDF for further details: