Announcement: New Issue of Transformations Journal: Issue 33, Mineral Transformations and Resource Extraction.

The editors of Transformations Journal are pleased to announce the release of the latest issue, issue 33, “Mineral Transformation and Resource Extraction: Pasts, Presents and Futures”, edited by Grayson Cooke (SCU) and Sally Babidge (UQ).

This issue of Transformations explores how scholars in creative arts, the humanities, and social sciences are contributing to the debates and politics of resource transformation and extraction. The complex socio-cultural and environmental legacies of nitrate, lithium, coal and uranium mining are examined across a range of sites in Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. Across these different sites and modes of engagement, what emerges is a very tangible sense of the forces exerted by the activities of resource extraction upon environments and human populations.

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Table of Contents

Ignacio Acosta, Louise Purbrick & Xavier Ribas
Trafficking the Earth: Documents on Nitrate, Copper and Capitalism

Jonas Köppel
Lithium Transformations: An Unfinished Story

Sally Babidge
Consultation’s overburden: Indigenous participation in the extractives industry in the Salar de Atacama, Chile

Jacob Goessling
Seeing Extraction: the Production and Reproduction of Energy Culture

Riar Rizaldi
The Psychogeophysics of Bangka Island: On Tin, Mining, and Materiality

Kirsty Howey
The Ranger uranium mine agreement revisited: spacetimes of Indigenous agreement-making in Australia

N. Bucky Stanton
Chthonic Media: Archaeology, Energy and Resource-Becoming in Arkadia

Image: by James St. John. CC BY 2.0.