Undergraduate research in environmental history

If readers have any undergraduate students or teams who would like (or could be persuaded) to write about their research for the Australasian Council for Undergraduate Research (ACUR) newsletter, it would be great to know! ACUR was founded in 2012 to promote undergraduate research in Australia and New Zealand (the American equivalent, CUR, dates from 1978).

The newsletter is available at http://www.acur.org.au/acur/about-undergraduate-research/undergraduate-research-newsletter-urna/. It comes out each year in May and November, in hard copy and online, for circulation to all universities in Australasia. It’s a great opportunity for students to showcase their research and they invariably write about this very effectively. Articles are usually 400-600 words with a photograph.

There is some fascinating undergraduate research taking place in environmental history, like the ‘Omaha in the Anthropocene’ public history project that I mentioned in the report in Environmental History News from last July’s WCEH meeting in Brazil (https://steppingintothemap.com/anthropocene/about). It would be good to highlight projects in our part of the world as well.

The next ACUR conference, for students and their mentors, is at the Australian National University on September 17-18 this year: http://www.acur.org.au/2020-conference-acuranu/

Eric Pawson

[email protected]

Image: by Moyan Brenn. CC BY 2.0.