WEA, Sydney/ Colong for Wilderness Discussion Group course –  
Wombats, Wattle, Wilderness, World Heritage and Wellbeing

Wombats, Wattle, Wilderness, World Heritage and Wellbeing is now available for study. 

This joint initiative between the Colong Foundation for Wilderness and the Workers’ Educational Association, (WEA,Sydney) explores the history of land clearing and its devastating impacts for climate and biodiversity.

This ‘old fashioned’ distance education course can be done by anyone, anywhere.  It focuses is on  ecological literacy.

All that is required is a minimum of six people to agree to study the course.  The group decides when to meet and for how long – whatever best suits their particular circumstances. The discussion component of the course can take place online, via zoom.

On enrolment, the course booklets are posted to the group.  The group chooses a ‘Discussion Leader’ who chairs the discussions and a ‘Reporter’ who takes notes of the discussion to email to the course Tutor.  There are no assessments. Instead the Tutor, in a collaborative learning style, gives feedback on the group’s discussion, to create further discussion. 

The course highlights the importance of wilderness and World Heritage and its many surprising and critical connections to wombats, Acacia and wellbeing.  The Colong Foundation’s Honorary Photographer, Henry Gold’s stunningly beautiful wilderness photographs are one of the delights of this distance education course.

The course (D236) costs $68 per person.  For more information visit https://www.weasydney.com.au/course/D243 or  WEA, Sydney  Ph: (02) 9264 2781 

E: [email protected]  www.weasydney.com.au

Image: Bynguano Range, Mutawintji National Park, NSW.  Photo by Henry Gold.