International Review of Environmental History

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Volume 6, Issue 1, 2020 Contents:

  • Introduction– James Beattie 
  • American vines, European potatoes: An evolutionary history of European migrations in southern Brazil  – Claudio de Majo and Eduardo Relly 
  • ‘The madding Wheeles of brazen Chariots rag’d; dire was the noise’: Motoring and the environment in New Zealand before the Second World War – Alexander Trapeznik and Austin Gee 
  • Biofuels’ unbalanced equations: Misleading statistics, networked knowledge and measured parameters. Part 3: Modelled marginal and spare land versus observed ecosystems  – Kate B. Showers
  • British huntswomen in colonial India: Imperialism and gender hierarchies, 1890–1921 – Vijaya Ramadas Mandala 
  • Temporalising nature: Chronologies of colonial species transfer and ecological change across the Indian Ocean in the age of empire  – Ulrike Kirchberger