Network members might be interested in a recent episode of the podcast series Barely Gettin’ By: The Long 1990s, hosted by historians Dr Emma Shortis and Dr Chloe Ward. The series aims to explore how the politics and culture of the 1990s set us up for today’s catastrophic failures, as well as what is and isn’t considered history.

Episode 7, “Pale Blue Dot,” focusses on environmentalism in the 1990s:

On Valentine’s Day, 1990, we humans received a love letter from space. NASA’s Voyager 1 probe, from its position somewhere out past Neptune, turned around and took a picture of Earth, gifting us the iconic image that planetary scientist Carl Sagan would dub the ‘pale blue dot’. In this episode, Emma and Chloe ask why, when the decade opened with such promise for our little speck of dust in space, we didn’t see the progress the 1990s promised when it came to environmental protection. They discuss the failure of global negotiations, the role of Emma’s favourite almost-president and environmental activist Al Gore, and why all of us promising to be ‘Planeteers’ wasn’t ever going to be enough.

More information is available on the podcast website, and feedback most welcome!

Image: United Nations, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0