The Seeing the Woods blog is collaborating with the Environment and Society Portal in the launch of a new digital resource page focusing on topics related to environmental justice and environmental racism. The editors of the Seeing the Woods blog are currently seeking blog post submissions to complement this digital resource.

Potential responses include but are not limited to:
– short essays of up to 1,500 words covering relevant topics;
– notes from the field;
– personal and/or scholarly responses engaging with literature, film, and the arts that address relevant themes.

Responses are to be sent to the editors of the Seeing the Woods blog, Harriet Windley and Kristy Henderson. Authors are asked where possible to submit a featured image (copyright-free) with their post, which will be used as part of our social media publicity.

Email to:

[email protected]

[email protected]

Image: Los Afectados by Maximilian Feichtner, CC BY-NC 3.0