The Berlin Brandenburg Colloquium on Environmental History offers an open, local as well as international forum for the discussion of environmental history research in the German capital region. Four sessions are devoted to a broad array of topics, ranging from nature reserves in Israel-Palestine to Scottish Wilderness , from colonial New England forest history to the environmental history of current food consumption patterns, and from the Marshall Plan’s Environmental implications to Frank Uekoetter’s new book, his magnum opus Im Strudel.

The colloquium will be fully online. Please e-mail us and we will send you the login data. Contact us at:

Astrid M. Kirchhof [email protected]
Jan-Henrik Meyer [email protected]


Wednesday, 18.11.2020
Irus Braverman (Buffalo, USA)
Wild Legalities. Governing Nature Reserves in Palestine/Israel

Wednesday, 09.12.2020
Michelle Mart (Berks, USA)
Six Women Who Changed What We Ate: Intersections of Food, Culture, and the Environment in Modern America
Juliane Schlag (Providence, USA)
North-Eastern Forest Landscapes of the Colonial Era. Case Studies from New England, 1500-1850

Wednesday, 13.01.2021
Celia Zoe Wicher (Berlin)
Was ist „Wildnis“? Überlegungen am Beispiel der schottischen Highlands
Robert Groß (Innsbruck/Vienna, Austria)
Der Marshall Plan. Eine Bedingung der Möglichkeit der „Großen Beschleunigung“ in Westeuropa?

Wednesday, 27.01.2021
Frank Uekötter (Birmingham, England)
Wie schreibt man eine Umweltgeschichte der modernen Welt?

Image: Markus Spiske at Unsplash