A message from Brigid Hains, editorial director at Aeon and long-time friend of environmental history in Australia:

A rare opportunity has come up to join the team of editors at Aeon, commissioning longform essays from academic and freelance writers. I’m looking for an editor (0.6 to F/T) based in Melbourne (or happy to be) who is deeply engaged in some combination of environmental history, history more broadly, deep time, archaeology, indigenous knowledge, evolutionary and ecological sciences. You do not need to be a professional editor, but must have a love of writing and a voracious appetite for reading widely in your fields of interest. Editors at Aeon work hard, they are intellectually curious, internationally connected and painstaking at the craft. This role works closely with me as the editorial director of Aeon Media. In addition you will have the chance to help shape the strategic development of both Aeon and our sister magazine Psyche, and to be involved in our new venture, a live events program in Melbourne, New York and London called ‘The Sophia Club’. The job is not yet advertised, so email me directly if you are curious to know more: [email protected] .

Image from Everaldo Coelho at Unsplash