AAANZEHN Annual Meeting – report and outcomes

The Network met on 15 July for its annual meeting, with several important items on its agenda.

First, Andrea Gaynor, the AAANZEHN convenor, reviewed some of the past year’s events and developments. Noteworthy achievements included:

This was Andrea’s last meeting as convenor, and the Network members present expressed their deepest thanks to her for being such an energetic and collegial convenor! Andrea also offered her thanks to those convenors who preceded her and their work over the years.

Second, the Network resolved to amend its name to recognize Aotearoa as the Māori name for New Zealand. We are therefore now the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Environmental History Network (AAANZEHN). We are now (slowly) updating our website to reflect this.

Third, the Network’s committee was renewed. Dr Emily O’Gorman of Macquarie University is now the Network’s convenor. The Network’s committee members are: Alessandro Antonello (website and newsletter editor), James Beattie, Claire Brennan (YouTube Channel editor and coordinator), Margaret Cook (Green Stream convenor for the Australian Historical Association), Nancy Cushing (Facebook coordinator), Andrea Gaynor (sustainability representative), Heather Goodall, David Harris, Julie McIntrye, Ruth Morgan (International liaison), Lillian Pearce, and Daniel Rothenburg (new publications round-up coordinator).

As always, anyone working in environmental history in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand—and indeed anyone working on Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand globally—is very welcome to join the Network, including having their profile listed on our website.

Please contact Alessandro Antonello [email protected]

Image: Joshua Hoehne at Unsplash