The annual general meeting of the Australian Historical Association on July 1, 2021, endorsed the Working Paper on Sustainable History.

The Working Paper was written by Andrea Gaynor, Carla Pascoe Leahy, Ruth Morgan, Daniel May and Yves Rees. As they describe:

This working paper was produced in early 2020 to start a conversation about how academic historians can help to address the climate and biodiversity crises in their professional practice. Since it was drafted, responses to the rapid spread of Covid-19 have shown that it is possible to undertake much academic historical work in low-carbon modes. We encourage academic historians to circulate this paper at Discipline, Department, School and/or Faculty level within their home institutions, in order to gather support and develop specific initiatives for reform of existing policy frameworks (eg travel policies), and establishment of new policies and procedures.

The full Working Paper is available at a dedicated website.