With Katie Holmes at LaTrobe University there’s an exciting opportunity for prospective PhD researchers interested in environmental humanities and environmental history.

The ARC funded project ‘Parched: Cultures of drought in regional Victoria’ is an environmental humanities project examining the changing ways Victorians have lived with, imagined, understood and represented drought. We aim to link cultural and media practices with climate histories to establish a new interdisciplinary model of drought cultures and generate new knowledge of the social and cultural dimensions of drought in rural and regional areas. The project is led by Professor Katie Holmes and based in La Trobe’s Centre for the Study of the Inland. The interdisciplinary team of Chief Investigators comprises Profs Susan Martin and Lawrie Zion, A/Prof Jacqueline Millner, Drs Tom Ford, Linden Ashcroft and Karen Twigg. This scholarship opportunity offers the chance to work with this exceptionally strong team of environmental humanities scholars. A suggested focus for the research of the successful applicant is the WWII drought across three regions: Albury/Wodonga, Shepparton and Bendigo, although this is open to discussion and we welcome applicants to suggest their own area of focus provided it falls within the parameters of the project.

Closing date for Australian & NZ applications is 31 October 2021

Further details at: https://www.latrobe.edu.au/research/future/costs-scholarships/graduate-research-scholarships/project-based-scholarships

Please contact Katie Holmes for further details: [email protected]