CFP Reminder: “Australia and the One Earth”: An interdisciplinary conference to mark fifty years of global environmental governance

*Abstract Deadline Extended to 15 November 2021*

In June 1972, 114 nations gathered in Stockholm for the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment. A landmark event, it was the first major international conference dealing with the subject of ‘the environment’. In the fifty years since, the international architecture for dealing with environmental problems has expanded, with a range of intergovernmental organisations, a library of international environmental treaties, and regular international conferences trying to address problems.

To mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Stockholm Conference in 2022, Dr Alessandro Antonello (Flinders University), Associate Professor Cassandra Star (Flinders University), Associate Professor Ruth Morgan (ANU Centre for Environmental History), and Dr Emily O’Gorman (Macquarie University), are convening an interdisciplinary conference to explore Australia’s part in global environmental governance between 1972 and the present. We aim to explore the history and politics of Australian engagements with various aspects of global environmental governance, including international conferences, international organisations and multilateral forums, environmental norms and concepts, civil society and environmentalism, justice and human rights, science and knowledge.

See the full call for papers for further details.

The conference will convene in Adelaide between 11 and 13 April 2022.

For further details on the conference, the range of papers being sought, and details about proposal submissions, see the Call for Papers.

*ABSTRACT Deadline Extended* Paper proposals are due by 15 November 2021.

For further details, please contact Alessandro Antonello at [email protected]

Image: UN Photo/Marco Castro