Following the success of our first...

CFP: 2019 “Flows: Second Annual Environmental History Workshop”

EHW 2019: Flows CFP – Flows: Second Annual...

CFP: 2019 ESEH graduate summer school

 Non-human agency in historical environments ...


The Australian & New Zealand Environmental History Network provides a means to communicate with each other and exchange information about forthcoming events and new publications in Australia and New Zealand.

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Environmental photography and fungi workshops

Alison Pouliot is leading a series of workshops on environmental photography and fungi which may be of interest to ANZEHN members. Please find a list of these workshops here. The workshop titled ‘Twisted Realities, Mistaken Identities – Photographing Irony’ might be...

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Nominations for elected positions in the ESEH

Nominations for elected positions European Society for Environmental History (ESEH) is soliciting nominations for our association’s leadership positions to be elected at the 2019 Ordinary General Meeting (OGM). Any ESEH Member can suggest candidates, including...

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New Year message

Welcome 2019! We hope it is a safe and fulfilling year for all ANZEHN members. We are fortunate to welcome three new members to the ANZEHN executive committee: Claire Brennan, Daniel Rothenberg and Benjamin Wilkie. A lecturer at James Cook University, Claire’s current...

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