Audio: Paul Warde and Sverker Sörlin

Recordings of two lectures from recent events hosted by the Centre for Environmental History:

Paul Warde’s public lecture ‘Figuring the Future: Forests and the Welfare of Posterity 1500-1850’ delivered at An Evening of Environmental History, Australian National University, 6 May 2010.

Download Paul Warde’s lecture (46 mins, MP3 44MB).

Sverker Sörlin’s lecture ‘Futures, Climate and Science from Charles Richet to the Anthropocene’ delivered at Expertise for the Future III: Canberra Workshop, National Museum of Australia, 7 May 2010.

Download Sverker Sörlin’s lecture (50 mins, MP3 47MB).

Paul WardePaul Warde
is a Reader in Early Modern History at the University of East Anglia. His books include Economy, Ecology and State Formation in Early Modern Germany (2006) and (co-edited with Sverker Sörlin) Nature’s End: History and the Environment (Palgrave, 2009). Paul runs the project History and Sustainability at the Centre for History and Economics, King’s College, Cambridge.

Sverker SorlinSverker Sörlin is professor of Environmental History in the Division of History of Science and Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, and he serves on the Advisory Board of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, where he is also senior researcher.