New gallery of Australian environmental history at the NMA

In 2021 the National Museum of Australia will open a new permanent gallery of environmental history. The gallery (with the working title ‘Life in Australia’) will foreground the expressive character of Australian materiality—of objects, country and other species—and evoke within visitors a deeper sense of their own embeddedness in the continent’s dynamic patterns. Life in Australia repositions humanity within a geological time frame, and enables the continent itself to guide our responses to the great shifts of the Anthropocene. To develop this major project, the Museum has engaged Local Projects, a global leader in experience design. We’re keen to introduce the environmental history community to the new gallery, and will provide regular updates and insights via this newsletter. Please enjoy ‘Eden and the Spring Winds’, which tells of a visit to the far south coast of New South Wales, where we’re working with the local community to tell the extraordinary story of human collaboration with orcas to hunt migrating humpback whales. If you have any questions, or would like further information, email curator George Main, [email protected]

Image: humpback whale in Twofold Bay, October 2016, by Thomas Williams, Flickr Creative Commons