The History and Legacies of Violence cross-campus network at the Australian National University is presenting a research roadshow on the history and legacies of environmental violence. The event will be held in-person and online on Friday 27 November 2020, beginning at 9:30 am Canberra time. Those not in Canberra are invited to register to attend the event virtually.

Program and Participants

Welcome, Orientation, and COVID Safe requirements
Carolyn Strange

Cameron Muir (co-editor of Living with the Anthropocene: love, loss and hope in the face of environmental crisis, 2020), and Karen Downing (author of Tears, Laughter, Champagne: A Story of Friendship Forged Through Fire and Food, 2017) – in conversation on each other’s book. Moderated by Ruth Morgan.

Anna Raupach – Augmented Tree Rings: Visualising Layers of Time
Deborah Cleland – Restorative Justice in Environmental Regulation: a pathway for healing legacies of harm?

Julie Rickwood – There’s no music on a dead planet: ‘Green Music’ Australia
Joy McCann – Ice Memory

Jessica Urwin – Nuclear legacies: considering the history of nuclear colonialism in South Australia
Adam Broinowski – Atomic Bodies: Poetic Negotiations of Toxic Systems

Hilary Howes – Violence to Country/Violence to Ancestors: Environmental Damage and the Threat to Australian Indigenous Burial
Daniel May – Violence, bushfire, and Indigenous burning practices
Ruth Morgan – Camel culls and the colonial present: controlling territory in the Australian desert

Ngaio Fitzpatrick (artist-activist-curator) and Alex Hunter (soundscape musician) -Requiem for a Reef – video and discussion