22 June 2021, 1:00pm-2:30pm AEST  

Professor Nigel Clark, co-editor of ‘Environmental Humanities Approaches to Climate Change’, recently commented that ‘bearing witness to the demise or death of what we love is now … an unavoidable part of teaching’*. Scholars increasingly document the emotional labour involved in work on climate change, but there has been limited attention to what this means for university teachers and students. In this inaugural President’s Conversation, Lesley Head will ask a panel of educators at different career stages how they approach their teaching in this context, how they empower students, and how they protect their own and their students’ wellbeing. We hope this conversation will lead to increased sharing of experiences, examples and resources. We also hope the conversation will be of interest to school teachers and those working in disciplines outside the humanities.

*(@InhumanNigel, Twitter, 26 March 2021)

Confirmed speakers and Chair – Professor Lesley Head is the chair for this session. She will lead proceedings with the following speakers:

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Image Pascal Meier at Unsplash