Storytime for the Apocalypse, guest curated by the Network in Canadian History and Environment

7 pm, Monday June 7 (US Pacific time)

12 noon, Tuesday June 8  (Sydney time)

Storytime for the Apocalypse, the online event where fascinating people read beautiful words out loud to you about apocalypses, returns with an extra special edition in June: an all-Canadian lineup guest curated by NICHE, the Network in Canadian History and Environment. This event series, created by Dr Tilly Hinton, has been appreciated by many listeners and readers throughout the pandemic. Come to this edition of Storytime to hear these environmental humanities scholars read:

📚 Scholar Dr Andrew Watson reads a list of lost things

📚 Scholar Dr Heather Green reads about a broken earth

📚 Scholar Dr Sara Spike reads about weather that cannot be trusted

📚 Scholar Dr Jessica DeWitt reads about evolution

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Image: Jack Cohen at Unsplash