Congratulations to Jodi Frawley on Dahl Fellowship

Eucalypt Australia – a charitable trust that awards grants to support the conservation, education and research of eucalypts – has awarded its Dahl Fellowships for 2022. One of the recipients is the long-standing and valued member of the Australian environmental history community, Dr Jodi Frawley.

Jodi’s fellowship “Maiden’s Eucalypts” will be a podcast which takes listeners on an aural journey as she retraces eucalypt expert Joseph Maiden’s 1895 voyage through the North-Central Coast Forests of NSW. The podcast will focus on four species of eucalypts that Maiden encountered showcasing both the disturbances and opportunities that Maiden saw as he travelled and will explore the value of conserving eucalypts.

Congratulations Jodi!

Image: University of Sydney collections