ASEH Environmental History Week, April 18-24, 2022

Environmental History Week is an international celebration of environmental history, organized by environmental historians of all stripes to foster scholarly collaboration, teaching and public engagement with environmental history. This year, Environmental History Week will highlight public-facing environmental history events and activities.

Environmental History Week 2022 is separate from the annual conference, ASEH 2022. We hope you will join us for both!

Please join us for Environmental History Week 2022 by organizing an event in your area, and sending information to us so we can publicize it on the Environmental History Week events calendar on the website. You can also attend the ASEH 2022 annual conference March and the virtual component in early April.

Environmental History Week events can take many forms. In person, face-to-face events could be walking or biking tours of your community; hands-on projects in collaboration with nonprofits in your area; environmental history lectures on a campus or at a public library or museum; or a film series. If you are already planning an event for Earth Day, add it to the EHW2022 calendar.

Digital events are welcome, too, from online conferences to streamed films with online discussions; self-guided field trips; or a virtual museum exhibits. Got students creating storymaps or online exhibits? Share their work on the EHW2022 program, too!

Environmental History Week 2022 will provide rich opportunities for intellectual exchange, and for engaging the public, K-12 teachers, and scholars in adjacent fields. It complements the ASEH in-person conference in Eugene, Oregon, March 23-27.

Image: Casey Olsen at Unsplash