CFP Special Issue: Ecology and Environmentalism in the Global SixtiesCFP:

The Global Sixties: An Interdisciplinary Journal, invites submissions for a special thematic issue on ecology and environmentalism. 

Scholars have often downplayed continuities between the political and countercultural radicalisms of the global sixties and the anti-nuclear, environmental, and New Age movements of the 1970s and 1980s. The deep roots of both periods of activism—e.g., the mass anti-nuclear war mobilizations of the 1950s—have likewise often gone ignored, as have the connections between late-20th Century political mobilizations and earlier scientific explorations in systems theory, theoretical physics, and so on. 

This special issue seeks contributions that trace continuities, uncover hidden connections, and break down artificial boundaries between time periods, political-geographic boundaries, and disciplines. See here for more information and for topics of interest.

Prospective authors should send a short abstract (300 words) and a short bio (one paragraph) directly to Timothy Scott Brown (, latest by November 15, 2023. If you are invited to submit a paper, the deadline for a completed manuscript for peer review is February 29, 2024.