The AANZEHN’s Summer Break

At the close of 2023, the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Environmental History Network bids all its members and readers best wishes for the summer holidays ahead.

The Network has continued its exciting work throughout this year, always aiming to showcase and encourage the further development of environmental history. We were excited to award our inaugural Environmental History Book Prize to Lucy Mackintosh for Shifting Grounds: Deep Histories of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland and Emily O’Gorman for Wetlands in a Dry Land: More-than-human Histories of Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin. And we are equally excited to have opened up applications for our Environmental Public History Prize, last awarded in 2022 to joint winners Margaret Cook, and Grace Karskens, Leanne Mulgo Watson, Erin Wilkins, Jasmine Seymour, Rhiannon Wright and Cindy Laws for their fantastic work at the interface between scholarship and communities (submissions due by 1 March 2024!).

As always, our members continue to publish wonderful and exciting new work, which we endeavour to showcase in our ongoing publication round-up (our website has a full archive of these too). So too have we advertised many exciting opportunities for our members, many of which are still active and open (such as the Mike Smith Student Prize due 15 January 2024, and the Jacqueline Carpine-Lancre Early Career Scholars Prize for ocean history due 20 February 2024).

If you find the Network’s newsletters, events and resources useful, we kind ask that you consider donating. Donations are especially important for us to maintain the website and the newsletter.

The newsletter will return in February 2023. As always, all members are welcome to submit news items to Jess Urwin for inclusion. Just be sure to send some text and a copyright-free image to Jess and she will post.

Wishing everyone a restful summer with family and friends.