Online Seminar: Energy Transitions – Historicising Australia’s Nuclear Debate 

The History Council of Victoria invites you to their next Making Public Histories seminar which seeks to historicise Australia’s nuclear debate.

Australia is in the midst of an energy transition, but specific policies and decisions around the shift to more renewable forms of energy production, storage and use have become the subject of heated debate. Historians have an important role to play in this debate, shedding light on the historical factors that shape ideas and attitudes in the present. How have Australians thought about nuclear energy, and the extractive processes that underpin it, over the last seventy years? What cultural attitudes have developed around coal and coal mining in Australia, and how do they shape attitudes and policy today? And how have we transitioned between energy regimes in the past? In this seminar, three leading scholars consider how Australia’s past shapes debates about the nation’s contested energy transition today. 

Hosted online from 5-6:30pm 30 May, Monash University’s Rohan Howitt will chair Nancy Cushing, Matt Ryan and Jess Urwin in a discussion about energy transitions and the nuclear debate. For more information or to register for the event, see here.