Future of the Past – A Symposium on Environmental and Forest History Program

Friday, 9 May 2008

Fenner Seminar Room, 5th Floor Hancock Building, The Australian National University

This symposium will celebrate 20 years of collaboration between the Australian Forest History Society and the Fenner School of Environment and Society (and its ancestors). The symposium is freely open to all and will look to the future in three themes:


Questions from experience: Chair: Peter Kanowski

What questions for the future are prompted by our experience?

  • John Dargavel (Fenner School) – Forest history
  • Steve Dovers (Fenner School) – Readings in Environmental History
  • Panel (coordinated by Daniel Connell Crawford School) – National PhD school


New directions: Chair: Jane Lennon

What directions for the future are projected by current research?

  • Lawrence Niewójt (RSSS, History Program) – Lessons from the Otway Ranges
  • Cameron Muir (Fenner) – Resource conservation on the NSW western plains
  • John Blay (SE Forests Project) – Reading some cultural landscapes of the South East Forests


Lunch (light lunch provided)


New Directions – Continued: Chair: John Taylor

  • David Eastburn (Fenner) – Red gum and resilience – reading a political landscape
  • Kylie Carman-Brown (RSSS, History Program) – Seeing Through Water: Hydrology and History in the Gippsland Lakes Catchment, 1838-1900
  • Marc Bellette (Univ Melb) – Reconstructing forest-fire histories using grasstrees (Xanthorrhoea spp.)
  • Nick Gellie (Fenner) – Fire and frequency
  • Sue Feary (Fenner/NSW Parks) – It’s not just about fire: Aborigines and forests


Opportunities and needs: Chair: John Dargavel

What are the opportunities and what needs to be done with research, teaching, resources and outreach to realise them?

  • Maggie Shapley (ANU Archives) – Spatial identification of pastoral history
  • Richard Baker/Peter Kanowski (Fenner School) – Research led teaching
  • Nicholas Brown (RSSS, History Program) – Research and teaching
  • Tessa Mahony (Fenner School/Dept. Environment) – History in the RFA process
  • Jane Lennon (Australian Heritage Council) – History and heritage