Public Environmental History Prize

Established in 2021 and first awarded in 2022, the Network’s Public Environmental History Prize is awarded every two years to recognise outstanding work in public engagement on topics in the environmental history of Australia and/or Aotearoa New Zealand (broadly conceived), including international perspectives that shed new light on the environmental history of Australia and/or Aotearoa New Zealand.

This prize seeks to recognise environmental historians’ leadership in public engagement and encourage researchers to build public engagement into their historical work from the ground up; and also to recognise public engagement with the field of environmental history. We welcome submissions that encompass a wide range of work in environmental history that engage the public through workshops, websites, audio-visual productions, popular publication, theatre or other forms of performance, visual arts collaboration, and mixed or multi-modal forms. This may be a single project or a collection of activities by a particular individual or team. Submission can be for individual or collective work. Read the Prize Rules for further details.

Public Engagement activities must have been undertaken in the two year period immediately preceding the year of award.

Prize Winners


Joint Winners: Margaret Cook; Grace Karskens, Leanne Mulgo Watson, Erin Wilkins, Jasmine Seymour, Rhiannon Wright and Cindy Laws.

Highly Commended: Robin Gulliver; Lucy Mackintosh.

Judges’ citations.