Environmental History in Australia: introductory videos

In July 2020, during the first COVID-19 lockdown in Australia, the committee of the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Environmental History Network produced a series of six short introductory videos on environmental history in Australia. These videos were contributions for the Humanities in the Region Conference, hosted by James Cook University.

We hope these videos will be useful for all those who are interested in expanding their historical horizons and understanding the complexity of the past. We particularly hope these videos will be watched by students at all levels starting out on their environmental history journeys.

Video 1, ‘Introduction to Environmental History’ with Andrea Gaynor

Video 2, ‘The History of Disasters’ with Margaret Cook and Scott McKinnon

Video 3, ‘Animal History’ with Claire Brennan and Andrea Gaynor

Video 4, ‘Water and Climate Histories’ with Ruth Morgan and Emily O’Gorman

Video 5, ‘Energy History’ with Nancy Cushing

Video 6, ‘Histories of Marine Environments’ with Alessandro Antonello and David Harris