James Beattie
University of Waikato

Welcome to the last issue of 2009, one devoted to garden history as well as an obituary to our sadly missed Geoff Park.

Walter Cook, well-known through both his work on Wellington garden history and through his employment at The Alexander Turnbull Library, presents a delightful article on Wellington Botanic Garden’s Lady Norwood Rose Garden and Begonia House. His account situates the gardens within their local as well as global history.

The second article, by Geoff Doube, continues with the garden history theme, this time presenting a multi-layered reading of the Renaissance Garden at the impressive Hamilton Gardens.

Charles Dawson reviews William Beinart and Lotte Hughes’ exciting new book, Environment and Empire. Finally, David Young, contemporary and friend of Geoff Park, presents a beautifully written reflection on the life and contribution of Geoff.

In other news, Cath Knight, has begun a blog on environmental topics, one well worth visiting: http://envirohistorynz.wordpress.com

All that remains is for me to wish you all a very safe and happy New Year and Festive Season.