River Stories: online historical exhibition launched

Congratulations to EHN member Cameron Muir, curator of the excellent River Stories online exhibition recently launched by the Murray Darling Basin Authority at: http://riverstories.mdba.gov.au

From the website: “River Stories features people, their lives and their links with the rivers. It provides local ‘lived’ history in parallel with key political events set against the background of changing perspectives on water and the environment.

This online exhibition was curated by Cameron Muir, a historian from the Australian National University. Cameron uses the themes of vision, striving, heartbreak, care and joy to tell the stories.

The Basin is where people have made their lives, it’s where ancestors are buried, it’s the foundation of identity, it’s what people love, it’s what they’re bound to — and where our shared futures are at stake. From Traditional Owners, to new migrants, environmental managers, engineers, farmers and irrigators — many have poured their hearts into working out how to live with these unique rivers.

This thematic history brings the past into continual conversation with the present. It provides the space to consider issues from different moments in the past and to understand the context for why decisions were made, and how we arrived at this point.”

Image: Murray River Sunset – Mildura Victoria, by Jacopo Werther