Environmental Humanities Book Talks – The Greenhouse, University of Stavanger

Dolly and Finn Arne Jørgensen, directors of The Greenhouse, the environmental humanities research group at the University of Stavanger, Norway, continue to host authors of recently published books in the environmental humanities. They launched the book talks in March 2020 as a response to COVID-19 and as a way of keeping the community together. Every talk is recorded and put online after the talk – these recordings are useful resources for teaching and classroom assignments, especially now that much teaching has moved online.

Upcoming talks for the rest of the year are: 

26 Oct: Hannah Boast, Hydrofictions

2 Nov: Peder Anker, The Power of the Periphery

9 Nov: Aidan Tynan, The Desert in Modern Literature & Philosophy

16 Nov: Alenda Chang, Playing Nature

23 Nov (note: at 10:00): Rebecca Giggs, Fathoms

30 Nov: Alexandra Palmer, Ethical Debates in Orangutan Conservation

7 Dec (note: at 18:00): Peter Dauvergne, AI in the Wild

14 Dec: Elizabeth Parker, The Forest and the EcoGothic

For an updated list of upcoming and archived talks, visit http://newnatures.org/greenhouse/environmental-humanities-book-talk-series/

The archive now contains talks with more than 20 authors, including David Farrier, Dolly Jørgensen, Jeremy Zallen, Paul Merchant, Eva Haifa Giraud, Bathsheba Demuth,  Antony Adler, Jessica J. Lee, Angela Cassidy, Christine Eriksen & Susan Ballard, Emily Pawley, David Fedman, Paul Huebener, David Fedman, Thom van Dooren, Daniel Macfarlane, Rocio Gomez, Melody Jue, Jennifer Telasca, and Luke Keogh. 

If you have a recently published book in the environmental humanities that you’d like to discuss, or know of other new authors in the field that you’d like to learn more about, let Dolly or Finn Arne know! We are currently filling slots for February 2021 and beyond.

Image: Alexey Topolyanskiy at Unsplash