New Water Cultures Network

The Murray Darling Basin (MDB) is the subject of extensive research, but much of it is happening in isolation, thereby limiting opportunities for information sharing, collaboration, and opportunities to promote the work. As part of an Australian Research Council project on water cultures of the Murray Darling Basin, a Water Cultures MDB network has been established to connect humanities and social science scholars researching the Basin.  The intent is to enhance opportunities for socio-cultural research and facilitate interaction and stronger collaborations within and beyond Australia’s water research culture. It will improve understanding of the water cultures of the MDB and promote the value of humanities and social science (HASS) insights and methods to water policy development and management.

Anyone with a research interest in MDB research is welcome to join the network. Further information about the project, research team and how to join can be found on the website Or you can follow the project on twitter @waterculturemdb. As a network member you will have access to information on new publications, seminars and conferences, and news relevant to the Murray Darling Basin. You can also send material to the network to promote your research. Please invite any interested colleagues to join the network.

Image: John Morton at Flickr