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New Network Steering Committee

The core aim of the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Environmental History Network is to support environmental history research through opportunities for dialogue and exchange and through communications.

The Network circulates news to over 600 people and it features over 50 members on its website. It regularly holds events and convenes a ‘Green Stream’ at the annual conference of the Australian Historical Association.

All this is achieved through the generous volunteer work of a steering committee, whose members take on specific tasks. This past August, Ass. Prof Emily O’Gorman of Macquarie University stepped down from her role as the Network Convenor after two years. The Network is hugely grateful for her efforts in keeping it on track and busier than ever. Stepping into her big shoes as Convenor is Dr Alessandro Antonello of Flinders University.

The current members of the committee are:

Alessandro Antonello

Claire Brennan

Margaret Cook

Taylor Coyne

Nancy Cushing

Andrea Gaynor

Heather Goodall

David Harris

Julie McIntyre

Ruth Morgan

Emily O’Gorman

Daniel Rothenburg

Claire Waddell-Wood

Amanda Wells

Jessica Urwin

New members are always welcome. Anyone interested can email Alessandro Antonello.

Image: Dustin Humes at Unsplash