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Engineers and Environmental Historians in conversation: a report

Taylor Coyne (centre) and colleagues discuss the shared interests of engineers and environmental historians

The Institution of Civil Engineers and Australian and Aotearoa NZ Environmental History Network co-hosted a seminar panel discussion on Thursday, 18 April 2024 as part of American Environmental History Week. 

The event, led by Eleanor Earl and Taylor Coyne (both from UNSW Sydney), was attended by engineering industry professionals and historians alike. The event featured expert speakers from the wider Oceania region who covered a range of topics related to regenerative design, including environmental history. The event provided a platform for speakers from the University of South Pacific, Auckland University of Technology, the University of Sydney, and the University of Newcastle to come together to discuss how the fields of engineering and history might better collaborate so as to deepen knowledge and provide practical insights to enable people build safer and more regenerative futures.

After the speakers panel discussion, a networking event provided ample opportunity to share perspectives on how to craft more robust collaborations between the disciplines. As a starting point for wider conversations, this event affirmed the many benefits that emerge when often disparately positioned research fields come together to solve the complex socio-environmental issues our world faces.