The Association for the Study of Literature, Environment and Culture, Australia + New Zealand (ASLEC-ANZ) is hosting its 8th Conference from 23-26 November 2021.

ASLEC-ANZ 2021 will be held from November 23rd – 26th, with partial-day, online-only events on November 23rd – 24th, and in-person, streamed events in Wellington on November 25th – 26th. For conference attendees in Australia, there will be a Melbourne/Naarm gathering on Friday, November 26th.

The conference itself will enact a scalar movement, as we move from online spaces to the hills and waters of Te Whanganui-a-Tara. Keynote presentations will highlight current work in the arts, literature and environment of Aotearoa, embrace the opportunity offered by online collaboration and networks, and facilitate the broadcast of knowledge out from here. Rather than the traditional format of the panel formed from 20 minute presentations, this conference will be organised through a series of 2-hour modules. There will be three different module formats. 

(Module A) Presentation modules: These modules will bring together 7-8 speakers for 10-minute talks around a shared topic or keyword(s), and will be structured to incorporate reflection, questions, and discussion from conference participants. Collaboration is encouraged. Proposals will be curated into modules based on keywords, with the aim of encouraging cross-disciplinary discussion. 

(Module B) Works-in-progress modules: These modules will be organised around pre-circulated selections of work of up to 5000 words and grouped into modules of 5-6 participants. Contributors to these modules will be expected to submit their works-in-progress papers, (highlighting the key concerns for discussion), for circulation by October 31, 2021. Presentations will again be gathered around keywords, and the focus will be on generative and responsive conversations.

(Module C) Methodology modules: These sessionsinvite position statements, manifestos and methodological surveys that address the emergence of Environmental Humanities and beyond in Moana Oceania. These proposals might draw on and extend existing work or propose completely new ways of thinking in and about the field: new scales, new conversations. Approaches that foreground Māori, Aboriginal, Indigenous or decolonial (tauiwi) strategies are strongly encouraged.

In the context of the three modules outlined above, the conference organisers welcome submissions on any topic that contributes to ASLEC-ANZ’s kaupapa of exploring the relationships between human culture, natural histories, and global ecologies. We offer the following keywords as a way of initiating conversations about scales beyond the human:

  • Scales of the planet: from a grain of sand to planetary tectonics
  • Scales of the human: ‘Anthropogenic’ climate change to a single rainstorm
  • Scales beyond the human…
  • New typologies: feral, fungal, more-than-human …
  • Energies and ecologies
  • Religion and spirituality
  • Space and time
  • Moana, oneone, te taiao
  • Naturecultures
  • Ngā tohu
  • Taniwha and whakapapa
  • Biopower and geopower
  • Emergence
  • Performativity
  • Weathering

Proposals are due by 15 June 2021.

Further information at the conference website.

Image by Pat Ho at Unsplash